Low Speed Vehicle Inspections for Golf Cart Conversions (LSV)



**Please note that the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is only offering virtual inspections for Lower Keys residents at this time**





The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) through the Bureau of Dealer Services (BDS) provides various types of vehicle inspections. Typically, vehicle inspections are provided by appointment only along with other customer services. BDS is limited with scheduling services in Monroe County, especially Key West. BDS provides services once a month, a day visitation to Marathon to meet customers, due to the high cost of overnight stay limitations. BDS may authorize the issuance of temporary tags for inspection purposes on some vehicle inspections; however, golf cart conversion LSV inspections require the vehicle to be trailered to the inspection location since the unit has not been authorized to be driven on Florida roadways until after a passed inspection. The golf cart is a low speed vehicle (LSV) when it was manufactured as a golf cart and modified to a low speed vehicle conforming to Federal Regulations under Title CFR Part 571.500 and 316.2126, Florida Statutes.

The intent of this pilot program is providing a process improvement by increasing the number of LSV Golf Cart Conversion inspections conducted in Monroe County to improve customer services. A customer who has modified a golf cart to a LSV contacts BDS for an inspection. Their fee and documentation is submitted for review and processing. This pilot program shall provide an option for a customer to wait for the next available monthly appointment visitation or choose to conduct a virtual inspection. As a pilot program it is anticipated that the virtual inspections will be provided weekly.

The virtual inspection will be conducted through a “Teams” application since DHSMV already utilizes this application; therefore, it does not incur additional expense to the department. For the customer to select a virtual LSV inspection, it will require the customer to have an email account, a device such as a smart phone, tablet or other device that is mobile and can access a Teams application. The Teams method will provide BDS the ability to schedule appointments with customers, track appointments, maintain records of the inspection, (recordings) and visually conduct the LSV inspection with the customer virtually making this a more efficient and effective process improvement.

Overview of  Process


Physical Inspection:

Customer contacts the Opa-Locka Regional Office to inquire about a LSV inspection

Opa-Locka Regional Office
(786) 804-4180

  • Customer is provided TL 63 procedure and the HSMV 86064 Golf Cart Conversion Affidavit form
  • Customer submits required completed documentation and $40 fee to the Opa-Locka Regional Office for review and scheduling of inspection
  • Upon completion of documentation review, customer is contacted and provided an option of scheduling for the next available monthly appointment visitation in Monroe County or schedule a virtual LSV inspection
  • A physical inspection by a DHSMV member request will be scheduled accordingly

If customer selects the option of a virtual inspection the customer will need to provide an email account and have the following:

  • A smart phone or device that is mobile with a camera and microphone that the customer will use to conduct a virtual inspection using Teams
  • Customer will be provided with an Applicant’s Guide for Virtual Golf Cart Conversion to LSV Inspection through Microsoft Teams with the Bureau of Dealer Services
  • BDS member will schedule a Teams Meeting using the Teams application that will invite the customer to join the meeting on the date and time scheduled
  • The customer will receive an email to join the meeting and once accepted will begin the virtual scheduled LSV inspection process
  • The BDS member shall record the virtual inspection through the Teams application
  • The BDS member shall refer to the Golf Cart Conversion Affidavit to walk the customer using their mobile device on Teams through the virtual inspection to view the required modifications
  • The virtual inspection must begin with the identification number of the LSV properly displayed and viewed through the device and verified by the BDS member

Final Steps to Conclude Virtual Inspection and Application for Title/Registration

  • BDS shall complete all required documentation and assign a FLA number to the LSV when the virtual inspection is completed. The customer shall receive the documentation through the mail along with an assigned FLA decal. The customer shall be responsible to affix the decal to the LSV under the driver’s seat (typically there is a metal box under the driver’s seat). Once this is completed, the customer shall visit and present to the Monroe County Tax Collector Office (TC) staff their completed application. The TC Office staff shall review documentation for title/registration and conduct a VIN verification of the LSV to verify the FLA Decal was properly affixed onto the approved LSV.
  • Documentation sent back to the customer that must be presented to the Monroe County Tax Collector to apply for title and registration shall include:

Insurance Policy for Low Speed Vehicles

***Section 320.02 (5) (a), Florida Statutes, requires all low speed vehicles registered in Florida to provide and maintain Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage insurance on the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in suspension of driver license privileges.***