About Us

The Monroe County Tax Collector’s Office is committed to providing the highest level of ethics, customer service and efficiency in administering our duties and responsibilities as an agent of the State of Florida and local governments. The Tax Collector is elected by the citizens of Monroe County for four-year terms during the presidential election year. The duty of the Tax Collector is to collect and distribute funds used by local and state governmental agencies to support and maintain the county. The funds that are collected help support schools, law enforcement, hospitals, mosquito control, water management and other districts necessary to operate the county.

The elected Constitutional Office of Tax Collector in Florida was established in the 1885 State Constitution based on the idea that local taxes could best be collected at the local level. By being an elected office, it was determined that the Tax Collector would be more responsible to the needs of the community from which they were elected.

We pride ourselves on our first class customer service and aim to assist the citizens of Monroe County with property taxes, business taxes, motor vehicle and vessel registration and titles, hunting and fishing licenses, driver’s licenses, tourist development taxes, and many other services.

We currently have six office locations located throughout Monroe County. For information regarding our office locations, such as addresses, phone numbers, and services offered, please click the “Office Locations” button below:

Office Locations