Learner’s Permit


The following requirements must be met to obtain a learner’s permit:

  • Present one form of identification. Please see our Driver License Requirements Checklist (English) or Driver License Requirements Checklist (Spanish).
  • Have proof of Social Security number for U.S.Citizens and permanent residents.
  • Have two proofs of residential address showing your full name. Note: Each proof of address must show your complete residential address. P.O. boxes are not accepted.
    • For Minors: Minors residing with their parents may provide two (2) documents that show their residential address in the name of the parent/guardian who is signing the parental consent form or follow the process for persons with no proof of residential address documents below.
    • If you have no proof of residential address in your own name, you will need to bring a Certification of Address form from a person residing at the same address – along with two proofs of their residential address, and document(s) showing the family relationship.  Acceptable family relationship documents may include, but are not limited to:
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Birth Certificate
      • Military dependent identification card
      • Adoption Record
    • If you are unable to provide family relationship documents, a completed Certification of Address form must be submitted.  The person you live with who is signing the form can choose to sign the document in our office at the time of the transaction or sign the form in front of a notary.
    • For a handy checklist of required documents, please see our Driver License Requirements Checklist (English) or Driver License Requirements Checklist (Spanish).
  • Be at least 15 years old.
  • Pass a vision test.
  • Pass a knowledge exam either through driver’s education, online, or at any Monroe County Tax Collector location, except the Key West Main Office, Big Pine Key Satellite Office, or the Plantation Key Branch Office. In-office knowledge exams have a 60-minute time limit and are limited to two attempts per day. At Tax Collector offices, the first attempted knowledge exam costs $6.25. Subsequent tests are $10.00 plus a $6.25 service fee per visit. Many of the test questions are situational, meaning you must apply your driving knowledge to the questions. We strongly suggest studying the Florida driver handbooks, which are available online and in iBooks.
  • Have one parent or legal guardian present or have their signature on the Parental Consent Form if under age 18.
  • Have the signature of one parent or legal guardian on the Parent Proctoring Form if the knowledge exam was taken online.
  • Complete DHSMV-approved Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course.
  • Be in compliance with school attendance.